Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Florida Landscape | Small Oil Painting | Daily Painting | Palm Grove by Carol Schiff | 8x6" Oil | SOLD

I was on a photo shoot one late afternoon, walking though wetlands and knee high grasses.  I was getting a little anxious as the wildlife and creepy crawlies get more active as the sun goes down.  When I came home, I found several reference photos that I was interested in painting, which made it all worth while.


I liked the way the early evening light was hitting these palms, turning them from gray to gold.  This is a little study for a much larger piece that I am interested in trying.  Hopefully, I can get to it soon.


Fairy Cottage, 8x10 Pen and Ink Drawing, Zentangle-Inspired Fantasy Art by Carmen Beecher

When I am making up my own little fantasy world like this it is almost as good as reading fairy tales as a child. I start with a simple drawing, then let the patterns take me where they want to go. I try to use different values to add interest and form. 

I put my drawing in a double mat, which really gives it a nice finished look. It is ready to frame now.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Painting on Sale | Urban Painting | Small Oil Paintings | Walking to Manhattan by Carol Schiff | 6x12 Oil

When I visit New York City, I always walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is such an exciting activity and everyone I have introduced it to has enjoyed it.  The views are fantastic!

This painting was done from a reference photo taken  mid-way across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The view is of the Manhattan Bridge.

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120 MINUS 60. rebate

The painting is listed at $120., but this week I have a really good price for you.  Purchase this painting from the link above and you will be asked to pay $119.95 plus shipping.  As soon as I am notified of your payment,  I will refund you $60.00 on your credit card or Paypal account.  That is correct 50% off for readers of this blog only.  You must write ART SALE on your order to receive the rebate.  
This offer expires at 12:01A.M. Friday July 25, 2014, PDT.

Thanks so much for reading my blog today.


Original Contemporary Seascape Painting "Soft Radiance" by Contemporary International Artist Arrachme


Contemporary Seascape Painting

 30"x24"x.15" Acrylics on Canvas/Available


 To purchase, email Arrachme at info@arrachmeart.com
 Visit my website at http://www.arrachmeart.com

1575 High Winds Plein Air Alla Prima

I did this awhile ago, in April.  It was during the Souvenirs of Downtown paintout.  From life, it was starting to rain which felt pretty nice as I was getting warm.

I am just getting around to posting it, the planning board has been having meetings about this spot, its a park next to the Episcopal church by the river.  The church is talking about doing something else with it, not sure what, its pretty confusing to me.  I don't really understand politics that well.  As far as I can tell it probably won't stay the same.  Whether it will be nicer or worse I don't know.  I do like it the way it is.  I don't know if I will want to paint it again if they turn it into a tall building or baseball diamond or put fences up. 

There was some talk about a dock out into the river which would be nice. I hope the palms and banyan tree can be left alone.

The painting is 8 x10 inches oil on masonite.  It is in a plain oak frame which is optional, I will sell it without the frame too.  The shadow from the frame can be seen on the right.  $400.

Sunset Seascape Beach Wildlife Bird Oil Painting "Seaside Dining" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

At the shoreline everything is so still and quiet at days end. The only sound is the breaking of the softly rolling waves as they make their journey up to lap at the sandy beach. Even the birds seem to know it's time to settle in, have a snack and quietly watch a truly magnificent sunset.

8"x10"x7/8 Oil on Canvas


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Prints and greeting cards also available.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Floral Still Life Painting, Daily Painting, "A Rose is a Rose" by Carol Schiff, 9x12x1.5"

I was in the zone of this one and able to complete it very quickly.  My palette knife was slinging paint.....maybe it had to do with the music I was playing.

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195 + 13

You may recognize this set up as I have painted it before.  Last time it looked like this:

I enjoy painting the same object or scene in different styles.


Raindrops On My Window, 6x6 Original OIl Floral Daily Painting by Carmen Beecher

$99, Click to Purchase
I decided to do a small floral still life in a loose style. When I finished, I hated it. I grabbed my palette knife and started scraping it, then I thought, "This looks very pretty." It looked like a window with rain on it, so I went with that. I added droplets and streaks of rain running down the window, and now I have a "mood" painting of a view through a wet window.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fall Landscape, Daily Painting, "Fall Colors" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil

We have just returned from several weeks in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Everyday I would run to the door as soon as the sun peeked over the mountain to see how the beautiful fall colors had intensified over night. I was not disappointed.
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96 + shipping

The sun was back lighting a red maple, giving it a beautiful glow.  I tried to duplicate the colors without falling into the "too garish" trap.

It was a lovely trip.  Lots to do with little time available.  I need to take a few deep breaths and all will turn out okay.



Enlightened, Florida Coastal Oil Painting of Palm and Boat by Judy Batterson, Florida Artist

Afternoon thunderstorms happen in Florida during the summer. The dark clouds turn into bright ones when the rain is over and the sun breaks through. This old rowboat was pulled under a palm to make a great composition, especially when the light poured through the sky. 16x20 oil.

Florida Coastal Landscape, Seascape Painting "The Journey Home" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

My inspiration for this painting is a tribute to our beloved Affenpinscher, Mia, who took her journey home recently. My painting is of a peaceful, sunny day boating through the islands of palms and mangroves and returning home. Can you feel the serenity?

20"x16" Oil on Canvas/Available

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 Prints and greeting cards are also available.

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Contemporary Seascape Painting "Troll's Paradise" by Contemporary International Artist Arrachme


Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

 All of my paintings are triple gessoed and triple sanded to insure the highest quality result.

This painting is part of the Balancing Act Collection. 

Commissions are welcome.

I am happy to announce that Gallery Wrapped Artist Embellished Giclee's are also now available.

16"x20" /$189.00
20"x30"/ $249.00

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1573 Friends in the Fans Undersea Fantasy painting

Here is the latest fish painting, lots of nice details and textures you can feel.  Click on it to make it larger.
 The painting is 5 x 7 inches, oil on masonite.$150.

Tropical Landscape Painting | Art Sale | Daily Painting | IntraCoastal Evening by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Oil

Art sale today!  This daily painting is a tropical landscape showing a little lagoon in Florida's Indian River.  The shore is full of palms and dusk is approaching quickly.

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95 minus 25 rebate
The painting shows texture with thicker paint in areas.....sweet!

You know how this works.......Buy the painting at the link above.  You will be charged $95.00 plus shipping.  Write on the order ART SALE.  That tells me you saw it here and I will credit your PayPal or credit card account back in the amount of $25.00  It pays to be a reader of my blog!

This offer expires at 12:01 a.m.,  PDT  July 18, 2014.

Thanks you viewing my daily painting today!


Pink Hibiscus, 18x24 Original OIl Painting of Tropical Flower

$99, Click to Purchase
Everyone seems to have plenty of roses to paint, but I have hibiscus. This is a typical flower here, and I enjoyed painting it large, as Georgia O'Keeffe would have.

Original Still Life Floral Painting "Tropical Dreams" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St. Martin

This acrylic is chunky paint with a palette knife. Tropical Dreams is a delicious assortment of hues of corals, yellows and purples. The colors in this painting make it sing! Makes me feel like belting out a tune! 

20"x16"x7/8" Acrylic on Canvas/Available

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 To view more of my work, visit http://anniestmartinartist.com/